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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Alice  29 Sep 1873Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5604
2 Aspinall, Daniel  C 1839Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I13302
3 Cowell, Maria  4 Nov 1863Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5594
4 Cowell, Mary  C 1868Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I11621
5 Dodd, Margaret  23 Oct 1938Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I14019
6 Gornall, Rachel  C 1854Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5531
7 Green, George  C 1855Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5569
8 Harris, D.M.   I5506
9 McGreavy, Irene Frances  10 Oct 1913Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I9454
10 Sandham, Ada Mead  Q2 1906Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I9259
11 Sandham, Adeline Victoria  Q1 1901Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5521
12 Sandham, Agnes  Q4 1889Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4388
13 Sandham, Agnes Ann  Q4 1877Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4905
14 Sandham, Alfred  29 Jul 1880Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5532
15 Sandham, Alfred  C 1881Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I7282
16 Sandham, A.K.   I5507
17 Sandham, Annie  Q3 1907Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2286
18 Sandham, Charles  18 Apr 1869Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I79
19 Sandham, Elizabeth Ann  Q3 1855Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2580
20 Sandham, Ernest  22 Sep 1883Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5563
21 Sandham, Frederick  28 Jan 1894Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I198
22 Sandham, Frederick Arthur  Q2 1883Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I8558
23 Sandham, James  Q3 1842Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5095
24 Sandham, James  22 Jul 1867Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I485
25 Sandham, James Richard  4 Aug 1912Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5490
26 Sandham, Jane  C 1864Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3122
27 Sandham, John  Q4 1852Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I759
28 Sandham, John  Q4 1900Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5605
29 Sandham, John  Sep 1907Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5524
30 Sandham, J.T.   I5505
31 Sandham, John William  15 Apr 1899Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I7696
32 Sandham, Lily  C 1898Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I13220
33 Sandham, Margaret  Q1 1843Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3399
34 Sandham, Margaret  Q2 1883Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5574
35 Sandham, Margaret  Q1 1891Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I8689
36 Sandham, Mary  13 Aug 1845Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5105
37 Sandham, Mary  Q3 1865Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3521
38 Sandham, Mary  C 1886Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5581
39 Sandham, Mary  7 Jul 1904Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5522
40 Sandham, Mary Ellen  Q1 1883Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I8555
41 Sandham, Minnie  12 Aug 1910Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5525
42 Sandham, Peter  14 Jan 1941Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I9962
43 Sandham, Reginald D  18 Sep 1888Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I12787
44 Sandham, Richard  Q1 1853Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1092
45 Sandham, Richard  Q4 1858Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1091
46 Sandham, Richard  13 Oct 1894Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5577
47 Sandham, Richard  Q3 1897Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5497
48 Sandham, Robert  Q4 1852Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1180
49 Sandham, Robert  Q3 1877Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1209
50 Sandham, Robert  Q4 1882Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I8549

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ball, Mary Jane  21 Dec 1930Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3750
2 Bibby, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1876Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5567
3 Cookson, Elizabeth  Q2 1888Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2615
4 Cowell, Maria  14 Aug 1906Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5594
5 Hodgkinson, Sarah Jane  Q2 1896Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4447
6 Lancaster, Florence  17 Mar 1995Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5504
7 Pearson, Walter Kaye  Q2 1985Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I9231
8 Preston, Jane Sanderson  19 Apr 1943Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I6983
9 Rose, Betty  26 Apr 1946Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I11049
10 Sandham, Adeline Victoria  Q3 1901Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5521
11 Sandham, Agnes  Q3 1890Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4388
12 Sandham, Annie  Q3 1908Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2286
13 Sandham, Edward  Q3 1906Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I143
14 Sandham, Emily  Q2 1974Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5599
15 Sandham, James  Q4 1841Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I394
16 Sandham, James  Q4 1852Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I449
17 Sandham, James  13 Jun 1872Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I463
18 Sandham, James  29 Jun 1883Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I382
19 Sandham, John  Q4 1862Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I683
20 Sandham, John  22 Feb 1874Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5550
21 Sandham, John  4 Jun 1905Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I697
22 Sandham, John  Q1 1911Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5524
23 Sandham, John Thomas  30 May 1944Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4818
24 Sandham, Margaret Jane  Q4 1871Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3468
25 Sandham, Mary  Q1 1878Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3521
26 Sandham, Mary  Q2 1889Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4370
27 Sandham, Mary  Q2 1891Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4396
28 Sandham, Mary Susannah  Q3 1880Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3853
29 Sandham, Matthew  7 Mar 1852Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I969
30 Sandham, Richard  24 Mar 1915Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1065
31 Sandham, Richard  2 May 1932Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1091
32 Sandham, Richard  Q4 1951Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5577
33 Sandham, Sarah  Q3 1847Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4518
34 Sandham, Sarah  8 Jun 1944Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5493
35 Sandham, Thomas  18 Jan 1936Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I8650
36 Sandham, Thomas  Jul 1981Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5498
37 Sandham, Thomas Bibby  22 Nov 1944Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4887
38 Sandham, Thomas John  1 Feb 1928Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I760
39 Sandham, William  Q1 1907Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1672
40 Simms, Elizabeth Anne  Q1 1949Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5578


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cookson, Elizabeth  1888Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2615
2 Cowell, Maria  1906Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5594
3 Croft, Agnes  1901Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1967
4 Eastwood, Emma Jane  1919Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2853
5 Hargreaves, Elizabeth  1846Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2619
6 Hodgkinson, Sarah Jane  1896Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4447
7 Sandham, Annie  1908Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2286
8 Sandham, Bessie  1903Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2796
9 Sandham, Edward  1906Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I143
10 Sandham, Elizabeth  1910Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2788
11 Sandham, James  1872Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I463
12 Sandham, James  1913Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I11118
13 Sandham, Jane  1875Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3204
14 Sandham, John  1862Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I683
15 Sandham, John  1874Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5550
16 Sandham, John  1905Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I697
17 Sandham, John  1911Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5524
18 Sandham, Margaret Jane  1871Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3468
19 Sandham, Mary Susannah  1880Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I3853
20 Sandham, Matthew  1852Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I969
21 Sandham, Nanny  1874Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I2212
22 Sandham, Richard  1921Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1133
23 Sandham, Thomas  1875Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4325
24 Sandham, Thomas  1899Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I11117
25 Sandham, Thomas  1925Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1377
26 Sandham, William  1892Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I4409
27 Sandham, William  1907Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I1672


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Harrison, Helen  1939Fleetwood, LAN, ENG I5584


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Janowski / Sandham   F1239
2 Sandham / Cowell   F4952
3 Sandham / Harris   F1957
4 Sandham / Harrison  Q3 1927Fleetwood, LAN, ENG F1982
5 Sandham / McGreavy  13 Apr 1936Fleetwood, LAN, ENG F3445
6 Sandham / Simms  Q1 1918Fleetwood, LAN, ENG F712
7 Shaw / O'hagan   F3655