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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Margaret  C 1860Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10660
2 ?, Sarah  C 1807Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7655
3 Bond, Emily  C 1872Liverpool, LAN, ENG I5607
4 Curwen, Sarah Jane  Q3 1862Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8375
5 Dobson, Mary Ann  C 1854Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10177
6 Ferguson, Alexander  13 Apr 1853Liverpool, LAN, ENG I6564
7 Jones, Edward  C 1821Liverpool, LAN, ENG I16179
8 Mitton, Emma  C 1872Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7432
9 Morris, Clara  3 Jan 1877Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7160
10 Parry, Robert  C 1882Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7477
11 Patterson, Mary Ellen  C 1863Liverpool, LAN, ENG I11047
12 Plunkett, Mary Ann  1 Aug 1881Liverpool, LAN, ENG I13187
13 Sandham, A.V.   I14852
14 Sandham, A.W.   I13443
15 Sandham, B.J.   I13444
16 Sandham, B.M.   I11357
17 Sandham, Betsy  28 Jul 1881Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2839
18 Sandham, C.L.   I15373
19 Sandham, C.J.   I15374
20 Sandham, C.Y.N.   I15775
21 Sandham, Cecilia  C 1873Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8359
22 Sandham, C.A.   I13447
23 Sandham, Dora Helen Victoria  Q1 1887Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8615
24 Sandham, Dorothy  C 1833Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2420
25 Sandham, Edward Watson  Q3 1880Liverpool, LAN, ENG I148
26 Sandham, E.M.   I13445
27 Sandham, Emma  Q2 1899Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2851
28 Sandham, Emma Jane  Q4 1878Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4927
29 Sandham, Frank  29 Feb 1884Liverpool, LAN, ENG I13230
30 Sandham, Frederick  Q1 1927Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10034
31 Sandham, G.   I13096
32 Sandham, H.C.   I283
33 Sandham, I.R.   I13446
34 Sandham, Isaac W  Q2 1850Liverpool, LAN, ENG I345
35 Sandham, James  Q3 1850Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4334
36 Sandham, James  C 1855Liverpool, LAN, ENG I5194
37 Sandham, James  Q2 1859Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4654
38 Sandham, James Charles  22 Nov 1937Liverpool, LAN, ENG I11354
39 Sandham, James Thomas  19 Feb 1866Liverpool, LAN, ENG I575
40 Sandham, J.R.   I216
41 Sandham, J.L.   I13485
42 Sandham, Jocelyn  C 1916Liverpool, LAN, ENG I14726
43 Sandham, John  16 Sep 1820Liverpool, LAN, ENG I771
44 Sandham, John  Q3 1838Liverpool, LAN, ENG I814
45 Sandham, John James  Q2 1877Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4307
46 Sandham, John James  Q2 1877Liverpool, LAN, ENG I889
47 Sandham, John Ralph  18 Aug 1900Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9493
48 Sandham, John Ralph  18 Aug 1900Liverpool, LAN, ENG I849
49 Sandham, J.   I11345
50 Sandham, L.M.   I14878

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baines, John  Q4 1892Liverpool, LAN, ENG I16120
2 Barber, Alice  21 Aug 1977Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9510
3 Bond, Emily  Q4 1934Liverpool, LAN, ENG I5607
4 Cooper, Alice  Q3 1956Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9058
5 Cunliffe, Ellen  Q3 1953Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7017
6 Fitzpatrick, Mary Ellen  Q4 1906Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3792
7 Garth, Eunice  C 1893Liverpool, LAN, ENG I5110
8 Haynes, Evelyn Gladys  Q1 1932Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2876
9 Hepworth, Mary  Q1 1968Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8904
10 Kingston, Ada Sarah  Q2 1945Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8444
11 Mann, Mary  Q1 1914Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4267
12 Morris, Clara  Q2 1958Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7160
13 Nolan, Lilian  Q3 1965Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9494
14 Parry, Ada  29 Apr 1973Liverpool, LAN, ENG I7520
15 Sandham, Ann  Q2 1898Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2218
16 Sandham, Annie Elizabeth  Q2 1866Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2310
17 Sandham, Betsy  Q3 1881Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2839
18 Sandham, Charles  Q4 1935Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8553
19 Sandham, Charles  Q2 1946Liverpool, LAN, ENG I79
20 Sandham, Elizabeth  Q3 1837Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2765
21 Sandham, Elizabeth Ann  Q1 1934Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9524
22 Sandham, Emma  Q3 1900Liverpool, LAN, ENG I2851
23 Sandham, Emma Jane  Q3 1901Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4927
24 Sandham, George Patrick  Q4 1980Liverpool, LAN, ENG I13048
25 Sandham, Isaac  Q4 1850Liverpool, LAN, ENG I336
26 Sandham, Isaac  Q3 1937Liverpool, LAN, ENG I344
27 Sandham, James  Q3 1870Liverpool, LAN, ENG I461
28 Sandham, James  Q2 1882Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4334
29 Sandham, James Osmond  12 Feb 1978Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10754
30 Sandham, Jane  Q3 1952Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10958
31 Sandham, John  Q4 1838Liverpool, LAN, ENG I814
32 Sandham, John James  Q2 1937Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4307
33 Sandham, John Ralph  Q3 1977Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9493
34 Sandham, Joseph  Q1 1873Liverpool, LAN, ENG I910
35 Sandham, Margaret  Q4 1854Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3446
36 Sandham, Margaret  23 Apr 1897Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3408
37 Sandham, Mary  Q1 1895Liverpool, LAN, ENG I4433
38 Sandham, Mary  Dec 1925Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3816
39 Sandham, Mary Alice  Q4 1977Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9079
40 Sandham, Mary Elizabeth  Q3 1869Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3842
41 Sandham, Mary Elizabeth  Q1 1878Liverpool, LAN, ENG I3851
42 Sandham, May  Q1 1962Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10043
43 Sandham, Raymond  Q2 1946Liverpool, LAN, ENG I12671
44 Sandham, Robert  Q2 1958Liverpool, LAN, ENG I10002
45 Sandham, Thomas  Q2 1866Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1425
46 Sandham, Thomas  Q3 1876Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1263
47 Sandham, Thomas  4 Jun 1915Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1332
48 Sandham, Thomas Howard  Q2 1954Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1419
49 Sandham, William  10 Nov 1858Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1522
50 Sandham, William  Q3 1885Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1567

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Adam, Georgina  12 Oct 1892Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9154
2 Curwen, Sarah Jane  6 Jul 1862Liverpool, LAN, ENG I8375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Brindle, Anne Jane  25 May 1973Liverpool, LAN, ENG I12635
2 Sandham, Dora  8 Jan 1997Liverpool, LAN, ENG I13313
3 Sandham, William  29 Jul 1873Liverpool, LAN, ENG I1564
4 Sandham, William  29 Nov 1996Liverpool, LAN, ENG I12394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Alice  1939Liverpool, LAN, ENG I9058


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Sandham   F4766
2 Beckett / Sandham   F3992
3 Blackburn / Sandham   F4712
4 Bolton / Sandham  22 Mar 1977Liverpool, LAN, ENG F4408
5 Danily / Sandham   F1432
6 Hartley / Sandham  Q3 1908Liverpool, LAN, ENG F2552
7 Jones / Sandham   F4711
8 Sanders / Sandham   F4604
9 Sandham / Barber  6 Jun 1937Liverpool, LAN, ENG F3476
10 Sandham / Burns  Q2 1961Liverpool, LAN, ENG F752
11 Sandham / Collaster  Q3 1947Liverpool, LAN, ENG F4565
12 Sandham / Harris  Q2 1948Liverpool, LAN, ENG F4453
13 Sandham / Hepworth  Q4 1921Liverpool, LAN, ENG F3163
14 Sandham / Maddox  Q3 1952Liverpool, LAN, ENG F3657
15 Sandham / Mitton  Q2 1900Liverpool, LAN, ENG F606
16 Sandham / Nolan  Q2 1937Liverpool, LAN, ENG F3467
17 Sandham / O'Donnell   F4713