Sheffield, YKS, ENG



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Doris May  6 Nov 1907Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9099
2 Clayton, Vera  8 May 1915Sheffield, YKS, ENG I13999
3 Grayson, Ann  C 1585Sheffield, YKS, ENG I10486
4 Grayson, Edward  C 1584Sheffield, YKS, ENG I10466
5 Grayson, Ralph  C 1588Sheffield, YKS, ENG I10483
6 Grayson, Thomas  C 1592Sheffield, YKS, ENG I10487
7 Munks, B.A.   I11614
8 Sandham, A.C.   I15792
9 Sandham, Ada  Q3 1900Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7693
10 Sandham, Albert Edward  24 Oct 1901Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9631
11 Sandham, Alfred  Q1 1908Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9751
12 Sandham, A.L.   I11615
13 Sandham, A.L.   I12136
14 Sandham, Arthur  29 Sep 1902Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9654
15 Sandham, Arthur Derek  11 Jul 1931Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11625
16 Sandham, Arthur Leslie  28 Sep 1921Sheffield, YKS, ENG I12131
17 Sandham, B.A.   I12140
18 Sandham, C.   I14236
19 Sandham, C.C.   I15324
20 Sandham, C.   I14234
21 Sandham, Emma  12 Dec 1894Sheffield, YKS, ENG I8763
22 Sandham, G.   I12133
23 Sandham, James  14 Feb 1891Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7626
24 Sandham, J.A.   I9925
25 Sandham, J.E.V.   I11617
26 Sandham, James Ernest  27 Feb 1931Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9966
27 Sandham, J.H.   I15614
28 Sandham, J.E.   I11297
29 Sandham, Jean M  1 Oct 1928Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11626
30 Sandham, J.   I14235
31 Sandham, J.   I12145
32 Sandham, Laura Monica  1 Dec 1899Sheffield, YKS, ENG I8835
33 Sandham, L.M.   I11613
34 Sandham, M.J.   I11644
35 Sandham, Monica Mary  Q1 1945Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11619
36 Sandham, N.   I14233
37 Sandham, P.   I12144
38 Sandham, Paul  26 Feb 1971Sheffield, YKS, ENG I12616
39 Sandham, P.G.   I11296
40 Sandham, R.I.   I11589
41 Sandham, T.A.J.   I11618
42 Sandham, Thomas Edward  2 Mar 1927Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11333
43 Sandham, Walter  30 Dec 1896Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7687
44 Sandham, Walter James  12 Jul 1920Sheffield, YKS, ENG I12142
45 Sandham, William Adrian  Q3 1927Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9521
46 Sandom, Elsie Alice  14 Jul 1896Sheffield, YKS, ENG I2074
47 Sandom, Florence Beatrice  11 Nov 1894Sheffield, YKS, ENG I2881
48 Sandom, G.A.   I13097
49 Vernon, Alice  22 Aug 1908Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Doris May  7 Jan 1986Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9099
2 Clover, Edith Annie  Q1 1961Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7816
3 Guest, Winifred Kathleen  Q1 1971Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7888
4 Molloy, Marie  Q1 1972Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9075
5 Sandham, Albert Edward  1 Nov 1967Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9631
6 Sandham, Arthur  10 Sep 1972Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9654
7 Sandham, Arthur Derek  May 1997Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11625
8 Sandham, James  Dec 1939Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11628
9 Sandham, James  Q3 1964Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7626
10 Sandham, James Ernest  Jun 1993Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9966
11 Sandham, Monica Mary  13 Nov 2012Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11619
12 Sandham, Paul  Q1 1971Sheffield, YKS, ENG I12616
13 Sandham, Thomas Ralph  Q3 1951Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11622
14 Sandham, Tracey Craig  Aug 2006Sheffield, YKS, ENG I14092
15 Sandham, Walter  Q1 1958Sheffield, YKS, ENG I7687
16 Sandham, Walter James  Sep 1991Sheffield, YKS, ENG I12142
17 Sandham, William Adrian  Jun 1977Sheffield, YKS, ENG I9074
18 Vernon, Alice  Q4 1956Sheffield, YKS, ENG I11612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sandham, C.B.   I11634


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bidder / Sandham   F4090
2 Duffus / Sandham   F4754
3 Everton / Sandham  Q3 1949Sheffield, YKS, ENG F5497
4 Hallam / Sandham  Q3 1964Sheffield, YKS, ENG F5025
5 Kent / Sandham  Q3 1944Sheffield, YKS, ENG F3143
6 Marshall / Sandham  Q3 1955Sheffield, YKS, ENG F4084
7 Maynard / Hall  Q4 1980Sheffield, YKS, ENG F5829
8 Sanderson / Sandham  Q4 1922Sheffield, YKS, ENG F3118
9 Sandham / Goodison  Q2 1958Sheffield, YKS, ENG F3610
10 Sandham / Guest  Q1 1920Sheffield, YKS, ENG F2850
11 Sandham / Hall   F4283
12 Sandham / Munks   F4082
13 Sandham / Sandham   F1970
14 Sandham / Smith   F4282
15 Sandham / Vernon  Q4 1938Sheffield, YKS, ENG F3495