Shoreditch, LND, ENG



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Mary Ann  C 1836Shoreditch, LND, ENG I3813
2 De Cort, Agnes Louisa  13 May 1891Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16612
3 De Cort, Charles Henry Emmanuel  23 Jul 1880Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15916
4 De Cort, Elizabeth Mary  16 May 1897Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16621
5 De Cort, Ernest Arthur  Q4 1897Shoreditch, LND, ENG I10084
6 De Cort, Florence Janet  Q1 1891Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15925
7 De Cort, Henrietta Clara  16 Oct 1892Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16613
8 De Cort, Henry Charles  6 Sep 1900Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16624
9 De Cort, Kathleen Ethel  13 Nov 1898Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16622
10 De Cort, Louisa Josephine  29 Jan 1894Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16615
11 De Cort, Maurice William  25 Aug 1895Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16617
12 De Cort, Thomas Norris  Q1 1884Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1330
13 De Cort, William Henry Percy  Q2 1885Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15940
14 Gregory, Susan  1830Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15962
15 Gregory, William  1832Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15965
16 James, Elizabeth Mary  5 Dec 1867Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16564
17 Sandam, James  C 1851Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2509
18 Sandam, Mary Ann  C 1844Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2413
19 Sandam, Richard  C 1846Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2473
20 Sandham, Benjamin William  2 Apr 1851Shoreditch, LND, ENG I62
21 Sandham, Elijah John  28 Feb 1833Shoreditch, LND, ENG I159
22 Sandham, Eliza  3 Sep 1824Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2748
23 Sandham, Elizabeth Sarah  Q2 1839Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2759
24 Sandham, Richard Samuel  11 Aug 1836Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1077
25 Sandham, Sarah Susannah  14 Feb 1823Shoreditch, LND, ENG I3987
26 Sandham, Theresa Emily  Q3 1857Shoreditch, LND, ENG I4636
27 Sandham, William Eli  18 Jan 1819Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1626
28 Sandham, William Stephen  Q2 1900Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1662


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Sarah Susannah  Q1 1838Shoreditch, LND, ENG I3984
2 De Cort, Agnes Louisa  Q4 1893Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16612
3 De Cort, Elizabeth Mary  Q4 1897Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16621
4 De Cort, Emmanuel  Q3 1894Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15922
5 De Cort, Thomas Norris  Q1 1884Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1330
6 Sabbarton, George  Q2 1929Shoreditch, LND, ENG I10011
7 Sandham, Benjamin Elijah  Q4 1847Shoreditch, LND, ENG I60
8 Sandham, Henry  Q2 1870Shoreditch, LND, ENG I292
9 Sandham, Mary Ann  Q1 1861Shoreditch, LND, ENG I3613
10 Sandham, William Russell  Q3 1847Shoreditch, LND, ENG I1620
11 Simpson, Ellen Grace  Q4 1961Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15642
12 Van Hinsbergh, Joanna Josephina  Q1 1895Shoreditch, LND, ENG I16033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Gregory, Charles  17 Mar 1833Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15948
2 Gregory, Fred Cross  15 Jun 1835Shoreditch, LND, ENG I15953
3 Sandham, Elizabeth Sarah  26 May 1839Shoreditch, LND, ENG I2759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gilbert, Charles William  1861Shoreditch, LND, ENG I5257


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brinkman / Jones  Q2 1849Shoreditch, LND, ENG F894
2 Burks / De Cort  Q2 1898Shoreditch, LND, ENG F3429
3 De Cort / Cannon  Q2 1876Shoreditch, LND, ENG F5349
4 Morgan / Sandham  30 Sep 1849Shoreditch, LND, ENG F1936
5 Van Hinsbergh / Prentice  Q2 1920Shoreditch, LND, ENG F2931